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What to Consider When Hiring a Photographer for your Wedding Day

Your vendor team is one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding day – after all, your vendors will be the ones bringing the day to life. It is imperative that you pick vendors that will match your style and aesthetic and help make your vision a reality. One of the most important vendor decisions is your photographer. Certain weddings turn to pure magic behind the lens of the right person.

Personality and style plays a key role in this decision. There are different photography styles from light and airy to dark and moody. Below you will find two gorgeous bridesmaids shots, with very different photography styles. Take a look at different photographers portfolios or Instagram accounts and see what style you vibe with. From there you can make a running list of photographers you’re interested in.

The next step would be to reach out for availability and pricing. If they are available and their pricing is in-line with your budget, set up a call or in-person meeting with your top two choices. It is important to ensure you like their personality, since they’ll be with you for many hours on one of the most important days of your life. Aside from personality, there are other key questions to ask so you can have all the info you need to book the right photographer.

Important Questions to Ask:

1. How long have they been doing this for? How long have they had their current business?

2. Who do they use as a second shooter or assistant? Do they assist with lighting as well?

3. Do they bring extra memory cards the day of? Do they back up on site the day of the wedding?

4. Do they have a back up photographer they can send in case something were to happen the day of (sickness, accident, etc.) 

5. How long after the wedding day does it take for you to receive the edited photos? Approximately how many edited photos will you receive?

6. How long after your wedding do they keep your files/ photos stored for? 

7. How would they describe their photography style?

8. Do they take a lot of posed photos or more candid shots? 

9. If they notice your dress is out of place, will they or their assistant help fix that while shooting?

10. Have they worked at your venue before?

11. Are they familiar with the area around your venue? 

12. What has been their favourite wedding to shoot so far and why?


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