Beautiful Bouquet Types, Ideas & Tips!

There are so many amazing options available these days when it comes to bouquets. From colour scheme, specific blooms, style and shape, there are many choices a bride is faced with when deciding on her bouquet. It is an important decision, as it will be front and centre when you walk down the aisle, in the majority of your wedding photos, and a memory you will treasure for years to come! Below I share a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your bouquet, as well as amazing images of some of my favourite bouquets from the last few years.

Colour – you can go classic with white or bring in colour to add a vibrant pop to your photos
Shape – there are so many bouquet shapes to choose from (organic, cascade, teardrop, round, crescent, nosegay & pomander, to name a few), make sure you consider the style of your wedding gown when choosing your bouquet shape, to ensure you create the most perfect look for yourself on your big day
Style – your bouquet doesn’t have to be an exact match of your reception decor, but it should embody a similar style, and not look completely out of place when compared to all the other floral components of your wedding

Crescent Bouquet with Cascade
Flowers: The Social Rose
Photo: Samantha Ong
As seen in: Wedluxe
Cascading Bouquet of Orchids with Mauve Roses Peeking Through
Flowers: The Social Rose
Photo: Samantha Ong
As seen in: Event Source
Natural / Organic Bouquet full of Coloured Blooms
Flowers: Blush and Bloom
Photo: Ikonica Images
As seen in: Today’s Bride Magazine
Round Bouquet with Textured Blooms
Flowers: Fete Floral
Photo: Samantha Ong
Nosegay Bouquet
Flowers: The Social Rose
Photo: Samantha Ong
As seen in: The Bridal Affair Magazine

Goodbye for now,
Alana xo


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